And so it begins….

We’re mailing out the 2014 Events Questionnaire to ride promoters, managers, and bicycle clubs beginning Monday, Dec. 2. We’re only a little late with the mailing but there is plenty of time to receive, complete, and return the questionnaires. A completed form is required of each event in order for it to be listed in the upcoming Calendar. This year we have something new: a fillable form. Ride officials can now visit our support page, open the Questionnaire using their computers or tablets, fill in the blanks on-screen, print, and mail back to us! Typing is easier for promoters than hand-writing everything and easier on our eyes! So the 2014 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar project has begun. Let’s hope for a great year roaming Ohio’s roadways on two wheels!


About Photonstopper

Photons can reach our eyes from millions of light-years away. Their immense journey through time and across trillions of miles of empty space ends when we see them. Poor photons! We live in a universe of marvels. Take a look around!
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