Happy New Year!

With the beginning of a new year comes the (real) beginning of our new edition of the annual Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar. Right now we are receiving listing information from all around the state and are organizing it in preparation for editing. It’s a big job that the volunteer staff hope benefits cycling in Ohio by promoting our many fine recreational events. Event promotors can help by submitting their event listings as soon as possible — hopefully by deadline. Commercial advertisers, whose purchases help us to afford high-quality production and distribution, can also make the job easier by submitting their ads and payments promptly. Typically the Calendar comes together in the space of about 60 days and we hope and expect that will be the case this year. If all goes well, you’ll see the 2014 Calendar in print at the end of February or in early March. Best wishes for a happy new year and safe and enjoyable cycling season!


About Photonstopper

Photons can reach our eyes from millions of light-years away. Their immense journey through time and across trillions of miles of empty space ends when we see them. Poor photons! We live in a universe of marvels. Take a look around!
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