It’s been a long time

My, it’s been a long time! Looking at our site I realized I stopped making blog posts just as the 2014 Calendar was going to press. Here it is, the end of August. The 2014 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar was published and distributed. Now in the office we have, perhaps, 40 copies remaining out of the 20,000 printed. I guess you could say “it’s a wrap!” It will be a couple of months before we begin gearing up for the 2015 edition of the Calendar. In the mean time, be sure to check our Web version for any updates or corrections. And if you get any outstanding photographs of Ohio cycling this summer, consider sharing them with us for possible publication in the Calendar. — JG


About Photonstopper

Photons can reach our eyes from millions of light-years away. Their immense journey through time and across trillions of miles of empty space ends when we see them. Poor photons! We live in a universe of marvels. Take a look around!
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