It has begun!

Today we posted the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar “2015 Event Questionnaire” to our Event Support Page. A completed Questionnaire is a requirement for listing in the upcoming Calendar. We will be mailing printed copies of the Questionnaire package next week to all events listed in the 2014 Calendar for which we have postal addresses.

Event promoters need to carefully read the Questionnaire instructions and please, please, please, DON’T email the completed form to us! Use the fillable form and your computer to complete the form, print it out, and “snail-mail” the completed form to us, hopefully with an enclosed contribution!

To access the 2015 form online, visit the following link and look over the contents of the page. We’ll be adding a FAQ there later but there are already answers to several common questions on that page! Event Promoter/Host Support:

It has begun!


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