Give Thanks! The questionnaires have been mailed.

Alright, maybe not as big a deal as having food, clothing, and shelter but it is good that the questionnaires were mailed today. A copy of this year’s questionnaire package has been sent to the events listed in the 2014 Calendar for which we have mailing addresses. Those without postal addresses will be responsible for acquiring a copy of the questionnaire on their own initiative if they are to be listed in the 2015 edition. A completed questionnaire is a requirement for a listing to appear in the Calendar so this is actually a fairly big deal for event promoters!

At any rate, we wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. And if you have a comfortable level of food, clothing, and shelter please consider making a contribution to local charities that provide those things to those less fortunate than you and a great way to “give thanks!”


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Photons can reach our eyes from millions of light-years away. Their immense journey through time and across trillions of miles of empty space ends when we see them. Poor photons! We live in a universe of marvels. Take a look around!
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