At the printers!

The digital publishing package is at the printer’s plant now and, in a couple of days, I’ll be looking at full-color proofs. Once the proofs are approved (usually the same day) the project will be queued for production. We’ve already had excellent response from bicycle shops across the state requesting copies of the Calendar for their customers. Those whose requests have been received by the completion of printing/binding will receive their shipments very promptly so take heart! It’s cold outside. It’s snowy. The roads look awful. But sure as the arrival of Red-Winged Blackbirds means spring, the cycling season will soon be upon us. I hope….


About Photonstopper

Photons can reach our eyes from millions of light-years away. Their immense journey through time and across trillions of miles of empty space ends when we see them. Poor photons! We live in a universe of marvels. Take a look around!
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