2017 Questionnaires Mailed!

The Event Questionnaires for the 2017 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar were mailed today! Event contacts and bicycle club officials should begin receiving our mailing on Friday, November 25. The packages were mailed to every event listed in our 2016 edition (provided we have a mailing address), and to every Ohio bicycle club for which we have a mailing address.

Our questionnaire is the primary means by which we acquire information for the content of our annual publication. We require the form in order to help ensure that we receive everything we need to create an event listing. Event promoters/hosts should be aware that we can create listings even if your arrangements are not complete. For example, except in rare instances we do not publish specific start/finish locations, and we do not publish entry fee amounts. We do need your event’s date (it’s a calendar, after all), the start/finish city, a description of your ride, and contact information. Simple, eh?

Deadline for return of completed questionnaires is January 14 so there’s no rush. But don’t forget!

Remember, too, that we would love to publish photographs of people enjoying bicycling events in Ohio! Got some, or know of folks who have excellent photos? Please see our Support page for more information, we’re very picky!

For more information about our publishing process, how to submit photos, or to download/complete a Questionnaire, please see our Support page.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a wonderful holiday season!

— James Guilford, Editor, Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar


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