Rider Resources

Here are a few additional resources that may be of interest and use to those bicycling in Ohio….

Consider Joining the Ohio Bicycle Federation: The Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) is the only statewide advocacy organization representing Ohio’s bicyclists. The OBF is an alliance of individuals and groups interested in promoting the use of bicycles for recreation, transportation, and other appropriate purposes. It serves by providing opportunities for the betterment of bicycle education, engineering, legislation, the encouragement of activities involving the use of bicycles, and by serving as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

Join our community hosted at Google Groups: One of the fastest and most effective ways of communicating is through exchange of email messages. Use this technology to promote your cycling event, share information and advice about rides, routes, locations, or ask questions about cycling in Ohio. To join our group you will need to open an account with Google. It’s fast and easy. After you join you will be able to send and receive messages via our list, exchanging information with all manner of cyclists. There’s no charge to subscribe and you can unsubscribe any time you’d like. Click Here for our Google Group!

Clubs List: For the Web version of our list of Ohio bicycle clubs, click here.

ODOT: The Ohio Department of Transportation’s maps, contact information and links provided to increase awareness and promote use of the extensive bikeways, bike trails, and bike lanes the state has to offer. click here

Shops List: For the Web version of our list of Ohio bicycle shops, click here.