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Give Thanks! The questionnaires have been mailed.

Alright, maybe not as big a deal as having food, clothing, and shelter but it is good that the questionnaires were mailed today. A copy of this year’s questionnaire package has been sent to the events listed in the 2014 Calendar for which we have mailing addresses. Those without postal addresses will be responsible for acquiring a copy of the questionnaire on their own initiative if they are to be listed in the…

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Questionnaires going out soon….

The road to the 2015 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar is paved with good intentions. We were all set to get an early start on our Questionnaire mailing when we went to the supply cabinet and discovered to our dismay… not enough envelopes! Gad! So, the envelopes have been ordered (with expedited shipping) and we have every hope the mailing will go out next week. The intent was good; the inventory was not.…

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It has begun!

Today we posted the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar “2015 Event Questionnaire” to our Event Support Page. A completed Questionnaire is a requirement for listing in the upcoming Calendar. We will be mailing printed copies of the Questionnaire package next week to all events listed in the 2014 Calendar for which we have postal addresses. Event promoters need to carefully read the Questionnaire instructions and please, please, please, DON’T email the completed form to us!…

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Looking ahead to 2015

As the days grow cooler and shorter, we’re beginning to think about the 2015 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar. Event Hosts/Promoters: As usual we will be mailing the official Events Questionnaire in November. The Questionnaire is required of all events wishing to be listed in the Calendar. If we have your 2014 postal mailing address (we do if it appeared in your current Calendar listing) we will use that address for the mailing. If we…

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