At the printer’s

We have handed off the publishing package to the printer and expect to see a full-color proofs in the first half of this first full week of March. Only after the proofs are approved will the job be scheduled for printing and we be given an expected delivery date.

Delivery, these days, to us actually means the beginning of distribution, most of which is now handled by the printer on our order. The warehousing and shipping capabilities of our full-service printing contractor is far superior to anything we can do as a small-scale nonprofit organization. We do, however, still handle the smallest of shipping requests, usually those under 50 copies.

Clubs and bicycle shops who want bulk shipments of the 2014 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar should contact us ASAP with their requests so that we can handle them as soon as the booklets are ready. We’re sending out letters offering copies this week but hey, if you’re a bike shop owner and reading this why not beat the rush and order now?

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