Got the picture?

We hope you have had a wonderful cycling season this year. As things wind down, we are looking ahead to creation of the 2016 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar.

So now is a good time to repeat my appeal and make an announcement concerning photographs needed for the upcoming Calendar:

First, we are looking for excellent photographs for use in the Calendar. In a nutshell, the sort of shot we like is cyclists safely enjoying riding events in Ohio: singles, groups, cyclists in a landscape, etc. We don’t want pictures of people standing in food lines, or on winners’ podiums, or similar situations. More on our requirements here.

Second, we now pay for the use of photographs! We have been paying photographers and agencies for use of cover images for a few years now but beginning in 2016 we will also pay for images used elsewhere in the calendar. Details will be added to our website soon.

So, look through the cycling pictures you’ve shot this season and get ready to submit for consideration; you may be published, get credit for your work, and be able to spring for lunch!

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