Questionnaires Mail in November

The Event Questionnaire is our annual effort to gather the latest information about bicycle events for our Calendar. The form and letter go out in November again this year for next year’s publication. This time, however, we’ll have a couple of ways for event promoters/hosts to complete their homework.

As we have done in all previous years, a printed form and cover letter will be sent via USPS to the contact addresses we have for all events listed in the current Calendar. Copies will also be sent to the addresses we have on record for bicycle clubs serving Ohio residents. Forms should be completed and mailed back to us by the editorial deadline (January 14, 2014).

This year we will post online a “fillable” PDF version of our stalwart form. A fillable form can be opened in a PDF reader program and, without special editing software, filled in using the keyboard of the computer. Once completed the form may be returned to us via email or printed and mailed back to us, hopefully accompanied by a donation! The same January deadline will apply. Typing directly into the form will make it much easier for event hosts to complete the paperwork and much easier on our weary eyes.

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