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No Print Version in 2021

It is with regret that I announce we will NOT be creating a printed version of the 2021 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar (OBEC). COVID-19 restrictions and precautions decimated the 2020 cycling event scene. Even with preventative vaccinations imminent, the sheer scope of the task of achieving immunity amongst the majority of the population will require months of continuing restrictions. Through good times and bad, since 1984 the Calendar has been published annually.…

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A sad season

This is going to be a sad season for cycling events. We are regularly receiving notice from event hosts canceling their 2020 rides with dates as far out as August. COVID-19 is an easily-spread and serious disease and it is only prudent, if disappointing, for some events to be called off. The virus is now “out there” and there is no prevention available but to limit interpersonal contacts. Cycling events, within the…

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