No Print Version in 2021

It is with regret that I announce we will NOT be creating a printed version of the 2021 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar (OBEC).

COVID-19 restrictions and precautions decimated the 2020 cycling event scene. Even with preventative vaccinations imminent, the sheer scope of the task of achieving immunity amongst the majority of the population will require months of continuing restrictions.

Through good times and bad, since 1984 the Calendar has been published annually. We’re proud of the OBEC and hope it has been of service to both bicycle event promoters and cyclists.

WE WILL, however, publish online giving ride hosts the flexibility of moving forward when they can with 2021 rides. Our office will soon reach out to ride hosts and clubs asking them to let us know about their 2021 event plans. If they’re uncertain now, that’s fine, they’ll just reply when and if they have plans and we’ll publish immediately via our website.

With luck and a cooperative vaccinated populace we’ll get through this public health emergency ASAP and by 2022 be able to get back to regular social activities and riding together.

Until then, please be careful, wear a mask for yourself and others, and have a happy holiday season.

Best wishes,
James Guilford, Editor

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