Deadlines have passed, prep for print next

Deadlines for submission of ride listings and display advertising have passed. The next step toward publication of the 2023 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar is creation of its layout … bringing text, ads, and images together in what we hope will be a visually appealing and useful format, ready to print.

Post-pandemic shutdown recovery continues — we’re seeing a few more event listings now over last year — so that gives us some reason to smile! But some rides aren’t coming back due, not so much to COVID but to lack of operating support. Volunteer with your local bicycling organization to help them host their events. The cycling community has a long history of creating its own recreational opportunities, inviting others to participate, thus the term “invitationals.” Don’t let that tradition end.

We are lacking photos! Now you’d think with so many cyclists out there, nearly every one of them carrying a smart phone with a decent camera built in, that we’d see a bunch of cycling photos from Ohio’s rides. That’s not how it is. So, if you or your group have good shots of action from a bicycle event in Ohio, consider submitting them for our consideration! We give credit to the photographer and, yes, we pay for the photos used! See details at:

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