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Deadlines have passed, prep for print next

Deadlines for submission of ride listings and display advertising have passed. The next step toward publication of the 2023 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar is creation of its layout … bringing text, ads, and images together in what we hope will be a visually appealing and useful format, ready to print. Post-pandemic shutdown recovery continues — we’re seeing a few more event listings now over last year — so that gives us some…

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Here we go again!

We’re off to a flying start collecting information for the 2023 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar. This will be the 40th annual issue. To gather the information we need, in November we mail questionnaire forms to the previous year’s ride contacts and to bicycle clubs, in case they’re starting something new. To secure means of circulation, we contact bicycle shops and clubs in January offering free copies of our publication…

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