Heading into 2019…

With the mailing of our event listing package to Ohio’s bicycle club and 2018 cycling event contacts, we have begun the process of creating the 2019 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar. The packages were mailed on November 24 to the contact addresses we were given for 2018’s events. Promoters of new, not-listed events, those who provided no mailing address, or those who wish to get a head start will find listing information and forms available on this website at: https://ohio.bike/support/

Do you own or operate a business and would like to place Display Advertising in our print edition and on this website? You will find Display Advertising information on this website at: https://ohio.bike/display-advertising/

Thanks for your interest in the Ohio Bicycle Federation’s Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar and our best wishes for a happy holiday season and grand new year!

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