Questions re: our 2016 Calendar

Here are a couple of answers to FAQs (whether actually asked or not) regarding the 2016 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar:

When will the Calendar be published? The Calendar normally is published in late February or the first week of March. Timing is heavily dependent upon submissions reaching us promptly and then, the printer’s schedule.

Our group is planning a new cycling event for this year; how do I get a listing published in the Calendar or on your website? Please see the Event Questionnaire found on our site: read, complete, print, and return it to us by mail. If you miss the deadline your event may or may not appear in print but can appear online… if you conform to all other listing requirements. Event organizers, click here!

I have some great photos from last year’s bicycling events. Would you like to use them in the Calendar? Yes! We’d like to see really good photos and, if you are the photographer, we will even pay you for use of the image! See info at the organizers’ link seen above.

I have a business and would like to spread the word to thousands of bicycle enthusiasts. How do I advertise in the Calendar? Click here for display advertising information!

I’m sure there are other questions regarding the OBF’s upcoming Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar and you can reach us via the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Happy new year!

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