Shipping began today

At long last the 2014 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar is shipping! The first bulk orders of Calendars going to bicycle shops and clubs should begin arriving on Thursday, March 20 … somehow suitable that it’s the first day of spring!

While I’m excited to get the Calendar out there, doing its job promoting cycling events across Ohio and in the region, I always start worrying. I’m human. While I try hard to make it perfect, there will be errors and/or omissions. I’ll be sorry. I’ve been the director of several bicycle tours, one of them the late and venerable TASSLE. I know what it feels like from both sides when someone messes up. Be assured, whether you are a ride official or would-be participant, I’ll do what I can to correct any errors though, once in print, it’s tricky.

So, as much as I believe in the continued production of our print edition, I’ll encourage riders to check our Web versions of the Calendar on a regular basis; that’s where you’ll find new listings, changes, and corrections. There’s a link to the Web calendars on the Welcome page of this site.

If you desire immediate gratification, you can see the Calendar right now by way of our PDF version. The PDF is created directly from the print version’s publishing files and so will appear the same as in print. The PDF is NOT updated as the season progresses so, while it is a handy way to carry the Calendar with you on an iPad or other tablet, don’t rely on it for the latest information.

The PDF is to be found at our archive site…

Most of all, we hope the Calendar will help you have a safe and enjoyable season whether you are pedaling fast or slow. Keep on riding!

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