Here we go again!

We’re off to a flying start collecting information for the 2023 edition of the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar. This will be the 40th annual issue.

To gather the information we need, in November we mail questionnaire forms to the previous year’s ride contacts and to bicycle clubs, in case they’re starting something new. To secure means of circulation, we contact bicycle shops and clubs in January offering free copies of our publication for their customers and members to enjoy. To help pay for all of this, we also invite purchase of display advertising in the Calendar. Donations from ride promoters and clubs remain very important in making this project possible.

Nearly all of this activity takes place in the 30 days or so ahead of layout and prepress work — making the Calendar ready to send for printing — which generally happens in February. Some of the activities overlap, especially after deadline!

Yes, January is busy. So is February. And then, once printed and assembled into the booklets you will see, we ship — thousands of copies travel to all corners of Ohio and parts of neighboring states. Shipping usually begins at the end of February.

Our goals in all of this are twofold:

  1. Promote cycling events in Ohio, assisting in their success.
  2. Inform recreational cyclists of opportunities of interest.

Know of a race or tour that ought to be listed with us but hasn’t appeared? Wish a shop or company would advertise with us? Help us out and let them know we’re “open” for business! This website is where ride promoters and advertisers will find what they need to know to appear in the 10,000 copies we will print!

We hope you enjoy the Calendar and find it useful in planning your activities, and have a great cycling season!